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At Torginol, we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-performance material solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our extensive product portfolio is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional durability, customization options, and long-lasting performance. Explore our diverse offerings and discover the perfect solution for your next project.

FB 966 loon 52

Torginol's polymer flake systems are renowned for their superior strength, chemical resistance, and seamless finish. Ideal for industrial, commercial, and institutional settings, these systems offer unparalleled durability and easy maintenance. Available in a wide array of colors and customizable designs, our polymer flake solutions can withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy usage

QB-1020 Clearwater

Torginol's resin quartz systems offer a perfect blend of durability, slip resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Engineered with a proprietary blend of resin and quartz aggregates, these solutions provide a seamless, non-porous surface that is easy to maintain and resistant to chemicals, stains, and abrasions. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

P1620 Maui & P1650 Ocean

Elevate your space with the luxurious and captivating beauty of Torginol's pearlescent pigment solutions. These unique products feature a mesmerizing, iridescent finish that adds depth and visual interest to any surface. Combining exceptional performance with stunning aesthetics, our pearlescent pigment offerings are perfect for high-end commercial spaces, hospitality venues, and upscale residential properties.

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Enhance the visual appeal and slip resistance of your surfaces with Torginol's innovative texture additives. Our range of texture additives includes decorative flakes, quartz granules, and specialized aggregates that can be seamlessly integrated into our material systems. Customize the look and feel of your surfaces to create a unique and visually striking finish that meets your specific design and safety requirements.