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Manatee (P1030) showcases a sophisticated dark grey pearlescent pigment that brings an air of elegance and depth to high-performance coatings. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into coatings, this pigment empowers the development of rich and nuanced color compositions. The application of Manatee Pigment within coatings yields a refined and velvety finish, uniting protection and aesthetic allure in perfect harmony. This pigment's adaptability extends beyond coatings to encompass a range of artisanal crafts, enabling creators to infuse a captivating and deep iridescence into diverse surfaces, amplifying artistic ingenuity across a spectrum of creative pursuits.

PEARLESCENT PIGMENT is a decorative element that can be used to enhance a variety of coating systems. Mix PIGMENT into your choice of coating to create artistic pigment effects. For more information on how to use PIGMENT and technical information, visit our product literature.

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