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A Glimpse
At The Past

TORGINOL® was founded in 1961 with the vision of pioneering the resinous performance flooring market throughout the United States. Since then, we have evolved to exclusively focus on engineering materials that enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of living environments. Our materials combine design and function to provide optimal utility to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential surfaces throughout the world. We strive to inspire designers, architects, builders and home owners with the innovative patterns and textures produced by our materials.

Torginol history img L N Pearson

American entrepreneur, L.N. Pearson licenses the patented TORGINOL® technology from Germany under the name Torginol of America, Inc, pioneering the development and marketing of seamless resinous flooring in the United States.

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Mid 1960s

TORGINOL® is growing rapidly and is quickly recognized as an industry leader of the resinous flooring market, the brand becoming synonymous with seamless flooring. The company goes public under the name Torginol Industries Inc, (NYSE: TGIN).

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Late 1960s

Torginol Industries, Inc. is experiencing financial troubles and is forced to declare bankruptcy and divest its assets, Including the TORGINOL® trademark.

Torginol barrels

Peterson Chemical Corporation, a Sheboygan, Wisconsin based coating manufacturer, purchases the rights to the TORGINOL® trademark along with the technology for manufacturing resinous flooring systems and vinyl colored chips, or TORGA-CHIPSTM.

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Darald Bell, an entrepreneur from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, purchases Peterson Chemical Corporation. The company operates as a family business for the next 30 years, manufacturing seamless flooring systems under the tradename TORGINOL® and manufacturing epoxy resin paints for military applications.


The company name is officially changed to Torginol, Inc. to reflect the flagship brand.

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Torginol, Inc. is purchased by Tom Testwuide Jr., a Sheboygan Industrialist. By 2003, Testwuide decides to change the company’s strategy to focus exclusively on manufacturing and marketing decorative materials that enhance resinous flooring systems rather than promoting a complete system.


Today, Torginol, Inc. is focused on manufacturing and marketing decorative materials that enhance everyday spaces. Not limited to decorative flooring materials, this includes decorative wall coatings, pool plaster finishes, grouts and mortars, landscaping materials, and more.