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Sleek &
PIGMENT is designed to be mixed into high-performance coatings to create unique and vibrant color patterns. The smooth finish of PIGMENT floors provides both seamless protection and a decorative statement.
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About Pigment
2022 PIGMENT FLOOR Illustration

Hygienic and Seamless Protection

Resinous and high-performance flooring systems create seamless surfaces that are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The non-porous surface makes spills easy to clean and provides superior protection against the growth of mold and bacteria compared to tile and grout options.

Design Options

The design possibilities of PIGMENT floors are endless. Use multiple PIGMENT colors to create unique effects and color patterns, or, use one color for a more subtle appearance.

Choosing the right basecoat can also affect the look of PIGMENT floors. Choose a lighter basecoat for brighter, more vibrant colors--or a darker basecoat for deeper, more intense colors.

Sparkle Additive is a color-less pearlescent additive made to enhance the metallic look of pigment floors.

Add a small amount for a slight sparkle or a larger amount for a high-impact glitter effect.

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P1240 Americana
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P1240 Americana with Sparkle Additive

How to Install Pigment