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GLITTER elevates and accents traditional resinous flooring projects with engineered brilliance. Choose from a selection of randomly-cut GLITTER FLAKE and hexagonal GLITTER POWDER.
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What is

GLITTER FLAKE (random cut) and GLITTER POWDER (hex cut) are polyester glitters that will hold up in high performance floor coatings.

GLITTER FLAKE can be used to accent FLAKE blends for an extra sparkle. GLITTER POWDER can be mixed into top coats for a subtle, even glittering effect.

FB 502 3 G1070 strudel accent FB 502 25
Design it
Your Way

Choose from our range of available colors and find one that fits your project!

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About Glitter
Glitter System

Hygienic and Seamless Protection

High-performance flooring systems create seamless surfaces that are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The non-porous surface makes spills easy to clean and provides superior protection against the growth of mold and bacteria compared to tile and grout options.

Design Options

Enhance your next flooring project by adding a GLITTER accent to any FLAKE blend. Mix random-cut GLITTER into FLAKE for a bold accent or mix hex-cut GLITTER into the topcoat of your flooring project for an added sparkle.

Glitter random

Random-Cut (0.125")

Glitter hex

Hex-Cut (0.008")