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Inspired Blends: A Collaboration with Honey and Ace

The longevity of your floor is important, and we want to provide color options that will last through the years.

In collaboration with interior designer, Jordan Gottsacker, we have created a new collection of inspired blends. These blends pull inspiration from natural tones and timeless color combinations. Her work with color and new blend creations can be found in our Brownstone and Contemporary color collections.

Jordan is the owner of Honey and Ace design services and storefront in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Her work has included designing kitchen and bath sets for Kohler Co. In her time with Kohler, she created over 80 bathroom and kitchen designs annually for the business’s national ads, online content, print photography and video assets.

You can learn more about Jordan's design services and view her portfolio on her website:

The Brownstone Collection

In the Brownstone Collection, we were looking to create a more modern range of blends that encompassed both cool and warm tones and met in the middle of high contrast and more subtle color combinations. Pictured below is the inspiration for Jordan's color choices and a selection of the blends that were created.

Brownstone mood

FB-972 Sparrow

FB-968 Waxwing

FB-973 Robin

FB-966 Loon


Our vision for our Contemporary Collection is to create options for commercial areas and projects that use more neutral color options, but still maintaining a subtle color story. Continuing to pull inspiration from timeless design and nature, Jordan incorporated more grays and cool colors into her Contemporary blend creations.


FB-977 Thyme

FB-980 Dingo

FB-978 Citrine

FB-976 Heron

We know the priority of resinous flooring systems lies within the utility and function of the coating system. However, at Torginol we continue to push expectations when it comes to color and reimagine what resinous flooring can look like, providing interesting and thoughtful selections.