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Torginol manufactures high-quality decorative materials which can be used in a diverse range of applications outside of high-performance flooring and pool finish applications.

Syntheticturf 27

Landscaping & Turf Sand

Our anti-microbial ceramic-coated quartz granules can be used as artificial turf infill to weigh down the turf, provide stability, UV protection and prevent bacterial growth. Turf Sand surrounds individual grass blades ensuring that the blades have support to stand upright and maintain the appearance of the turf.

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Artisanal Pigments

Use Torginol PIGMENT in resin crafts and surface coatings like river tables, countertops, and more. The wide range of available colors gives you the artistic freedom to create unique and vibrant resin creations.

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Aquarium gravel 012

Aquarium Gravel

Create vibrant aquascapes with TORGINOL® aquarium gravel. Brilliantly color-coated with an advanced resin system and high-quality colorfast pigments, our gravel is a great addition to your underwater environments.

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Craft mica 051

MICA Crafts & Projects

Use MICA in a variety of crafts and hobby projects! MICA is perfect for use in mixed media, card making, scrapbooking, nail art, and more.

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FS 5 olympus white closeup tower

Wall Applications

Use FLAKE as a decorative component in durable wall covering systems to create a textured appearance that hides surface imperfections.

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